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Iwa Moto

A bright smile, sparkling eyes, a trendy haircut and you have Iwa Moto. Born in August 29, 1988 in Las Piñas City, Philippines her full name is Aileen Quimpo Iwamoto. She is more famous for being one of the final four contestants of the reality TV show, "StarStruck Batch 3". She was the runner-up for the survivor show and lost the "Ultimate Female Survivor" title to Jackie Rice. Who would say that she could have survived the Ultimate survivor challenge because no one really knew that she had what it takes to be at the top.

She is a relatively new entrant in the world of showbiz. Iwa was paired first with Chuck Allie in Starstruck and then with Marky Cielo. After reaching the final 6, she was paired with Gian Carlos and as a pair they became the prince and princess of StarStruck. Iwa has acted in TV shows that like POSH, SOP, "Love to Love", and "Bakelang Jenny". All the shows were on television in 2006. She even took her acting to the next level, which is the movies and appeared in "Pitong Dalagita Tisha" and "White Lady Mimi" in 2006.

Iwa Moto has spent a lot of time perfecting her acting skills but at the same time, she also been he eye of the storm. Iwa has been surrounded by controversies but she always comes out unscathed. According to one of the controversy, she got angry and lost her temper with her co-stars Jackie Rice , Jana Roxas and Gian Carlos on National TV. Later on the night of elimination, she apologized for her behavior on National Television and went on to finish the contest. In another controversy, she was suspended for 6 weeks while on the sets of Star Struck. Guess what? All this for a smoke and a handful of bad habits!

You will have to definitely give the girl the credit for surviving through all this and becoming the cover girl for the FHM December 2006 Issue. Way to go Iwa!

Iwa Moto Filmography

Browse Pinoy showbiz celebrity by first name:
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